Summary. We boast sizable tanks and robust systems capable of meeting stringent hard anodising specifications, especially for large aerospace and military components, ensuring uniform film thickness and durability. Esteemed in the industry, HASTL achieves rigorous standards, evidenced by its Nadcap approval and strong clientele in various sectors.


As a specialist anodising company, Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd (HASTL) stands out among competitors with our hard anodising capabilities and results. Our main advantage is the magnitude of operations, especially in the size of our hard anodising plating baths. These are nearly six metres long and two metres wide to meet all hard anodising specifications.

The size of these tanks is a testament to our metal finishing company’s commitment to excellence and ability to handle large aluminium components that other anodisers cannot.

Large Tanks for Hard Anodising

While some may have large sulfuric anodising tanks like HASTL, they do not have the necessary facilities to meet hard anodising specifications as we do. For instance, other companies may lack rectifiers that can go up to hard energising voltages, like 70 volts. Otherwise, they may not have the cooling system necessary to manage the electrolyte.

Our Tank Capacities

With around 4,000 litres of electrolyte in the bath, we have a system that can handle the corrosive nature of our pH 0.01 electrolyte. This is thanks to specialised pumps and a series of heat sinks with antifreeze. Therefore, customers can trust our specialist anodising company with their high volume, hard coat requirements. With us you’ll know that your components are in safe hands.

Hard Anodising for Aerospace Components

One of the remarkable things about HASTL is our ability to hard anodise large aerospace tubes that measure almost six metres long and have a diameter of about 0.9 metres. With an internal cathode that runs through the access of the cylinder, our specialists achieve uniform film thickness throughout. This is unlike other anodisers, who can only anodise down to about two times the diameter of the tube. This capability makes us a go-to for customers needing large component hard anodising.

Hard Anodising for the Military Sector

Our hard anodising capabilities at HASTL are ideal not only for aerospace applications but also for the military sector. With a robust system that can handle hard anodising, we can deliver consistent results that meet military specifications. Anodising large aluminium parts is an essential process for military applications as it hardens surfaces, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Military vehicles, aircraft, and weapons rely on hard anodised components to function optimally in harsh environments.

Nadcap Approved Plating Baths

Aside from meeting all hard anodising specifications, our hard anodising company also boasts of having the most significant Nadcap – approved plating baths in the country for electroless nickel plating. As a specialist anodising company, we have demonstrated that we meet rigorous industry standards for process control, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Who works with us?

We have a long list of loyal customers, including automated companies in Birmingham, as well as Formula 1 businesses such as Williams and Mercedes; aerospace OEM’s such as Eaton (Cobham), Porvair, and Ultra Electronics. These customers rely on our services and attest to the quality of work and short turnaround times we provide. In addition, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has earned us continued orders and longevity in customer relationships.

Get in Touch

For businesses seeking reliable and skilled metal finishing services, look no further than Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd. Our specialist anodising company has built a reputation for quality and fast turnaround times. So, you can trust us to deliver high-quality finishes that meet your exact specifications. Contact us today at 01562 546028 to learn how we can optimise your operations.

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