Summary. Utilising advanced technology and expertise, Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd provides impeccable metal finishing services. Specifically in the hard anodising process, enhancing abrasion and temperature resistance in metals, especially aluminium, while ensuring aesthetic and functional improvements in applications across various industries like motorsport and aerospace.

Hard anodising services are one of the most effective metal finishing methods on the market today. This advanced technology is used by some of the most renowned names in the motorsport and aerospace sectors. Using powerful electricity voltages, we achieve immediate resistance to abrasion, wear and extreme temperatures.

We pride ourselves in being intricate in our anodising services, ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers always, no matter how unique they may be. But, how? Over the years, we have perfected our methods to achieve matchless results. With years of collected experience combined with state-of-the-art equipment, we set ourselves apart in the industry.

What is the process of hard anodising?

The process of hard anodising is determined by the surface area of the metal part. Most commonly, we use aluminium, a metal that is becoming more and more relied upon for vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. Once we have measured the component, we become knowledgeable on the thickness of film required for the item.

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Alloys, for instance, can take more amps than others. Once we have these numbers in place, we begin the system of hard anodising. This process occurs by passing a controlled and direct current through an electrolyte sulfuric acid solution. This is between negative (cathode) electrodes and positive (anode) electrodes. The metal object functions as the anode.

Other Techniques

When compared to other metal surfacing techniques such as chroming, hard anodising allows us to penetrate the aluminium itself, as opposed to coating it. Therefore, offering a much more impactful treatment. Longevity is a key selling point for our customers; hard anodising can add many additional years to an application. Therefore, reducing the need for maintenance; offering a much more beneficial investment for businesses.

The Results of Hard Anodising

What are the results of hard anodising? As previously stated, hard anodising’s main purpose is to protect and enhance the metal surface. Allowing it to safely come into contact with harsh weather conditions and temperatures post-treatment. This is without diminishing the structural integrity, aesthetics or strength of the component. Surface areas are left robust and extremely harder than their previous state.

In terms of the aesthetics themselves, hard anodising offers a dark grey finish as standard. There are colour options available upon request; we often get asked to undergo silver anodising. Our palette then also spans gold, black, red and blue.

Why choose Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd?

Here at Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, our metal finishing services are matchless in the country and afar. Catering to the UK, Europe and the USA, we have established many partnerships that have led us to become the number one choice for many major industries. If you’re looking for a metal surface finish that boasts efficiency and performance enhancement, hard anodising could be for you.

Is the hard anodising process right for you?

Furthermore, to ensure the hard anodising process is the right fit for your purpose, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. We have worked on projects of all sizes, adhering to the strict requirements given to us by our customers. Our contact number is +44 (0)1562 67786 and our email address is