Delivering Excellence through Rigorous Specification Standards

At Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, we understand that adherence to precise specification standards is critical in the metal finishing industry. Our comprehensive range of anodising and metal finishing services is not only tailored to meet diverse industry needs but is also rigorously aligned with the highest specification standards, ensuring unmatched quality and performance.

Navigating Complex Specifications with Expertise

With a plethora of specifications in the industry, from DEF STAN to ALC and AER standards, navigating the right requirements can be complex. Our team of experts specialises in understanding and applying these specifications accurately to each project, ensuring that your components meet not only your requirements but also comply with industry standards. Whether it’s the aerospace, automotive, or precision engineering sectors, our approach is always detail-oriented and compliance-driven.

Obsolete Specifications and Contemporary Solutions

In an industry where technology and standards are constantly evolving, we stay abreast of the latest developments. We understand that some projects may refer to obsolete specifications. Our team is skilled in interpreting these historical standards and providing contemporary solutions that align with current industry practices.

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ACC004 TS-130 Iss.3
AEA030 Alocrom 1200 Pt.No.1970-4084
AEA030 Alocrom 1200 Pt.No.1970-4085
AEA030 Hard Anodise Pt.No.1970-4084
AEA030 Hard Anodise Pt.No.1970-4085
AER001 TI11-10 Rev.02 (Ultra)
AER001 WS TI 17/49 Iss.01 (Ultra)
ALC001 KSC 2712BM020 Iss.A
ALC001 RC 2019/1 Iss.AH
ALC001 RC 2019/10-Figs Iss.G
ALC001 RC 2019A50/2 Iss.H
ALC001 RC 2019AA50/28 Iss.E
ALC001 RC 2019AB50/29 Iss.D
ALC001 RC 2019AC50/30 Iss.A
ALC001 RC 2019AD50/31 Iss.T
ALC001 RC 2019AE50/32 Iss.B
ALC001 RC 2019AF25/33 Iss.A
ALC001 RC 2019AG50/34 Iss.A
ALC001 RC 2019AH25/35 Iss.E
ALC001 RC 2019AJ50/36 Iss.C
ALC001 RC 2019AK25/37 Iss.A
ALC001 RC 2019AL50/38 Iss.A
ALC001 RC 2019AN25/40 Iss.B
ALC001 RC 2019AO50/41 Iss.A
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Obsolete specifications such as DEF STAN 151, DTO 910 and DTD 930 may be quoted on old drawings; the requirements of these specifications have been superseded by the specifications listed above.

Certificate of Conformance may be issued against specifications and the relevant testing may be undertaken provided suitable test specimens are supplied.
*Proprietary name

Commitment to Conformance and Testing

Our commitment to quality is further reinforced by our capability to issue Certificates of Conformance against specific specifications. We undertake relevant testing with meticulous attention to detail, provided suitable test specimens are supplied. This ensures that each finished component is not only aesthetically superior but also functionally robust.

Tailored Metal Finishing Services Meeting Your Exact Specifications

At Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, we don’t just offer services; we offer solutions that are meticulously tailored to meet your exact specifications. We invite you to collaborate with us, leveraging our expertise in adhering to complex specification standards. Contact us today to discuss your metal finishing needs, and let us guide you through the process with our expert knowledge and commitment to excellence in every detail.


What specific industry specifications does Hard Anodising comply with?
At Hard Anodising, we adhere to a comprehensive set of industry specifications, including DEF STAN, ALC, and AER standards, to meet the stringent requirements of various sectors such as aerospace and automotive.
How does Hard Anodising handle obsolete specifications like DEF STAN 151 DTO 910?
Our expertise extends to interpreting and adapting historical standards like DEF STAN 151 DTO 910 to contemporary solutions, ensuring our practices align with the latest industry advancements.
Can Hard Anodising provide Certificates of Conformance for specific projects?
Yes, we offer Certificates of Conformance against specific specifications, backed by thorough testing to ensure that each component we treat meets both our high standards and industry-specific requirements.

We are a dedicated provider of specialist metal finishing services, concentrating primarily on the anodising of aluminium.