Summary. Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd distinguishes itself among hard anodising companies and anodising companies in the UK. We offer unparalleled, efficient metal finishing services across diverse industries. We ensure enhanced durability, strength, and resistance in metallic components with a specialised, experienced team, and rapid turnarounds.


While there are many hard anodising companies in the UK, we set ourselves apart through efficiency and capability. Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd is a family-run business that dedicates itself to providing the finest metal finishing services available. These include anodising, electroless nickel plating and conversion coatings.

But, why choose us above all others? Hard anodising services are becoming increasingly popular in a range of industries, including automotive and aerospace. Its results surpass all other methods, especially when focusing on abrasion and wear resistance, as well as the solidity of metal surfaces.

About Us

Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd is one of the only hard anodising companies in the West Midlands. Based in Kidderminster, our company is made up of a specialist team. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the complexities of hard anodising. Through continuous development, we have advanced our processes; delivering impeccable results time after time.

Moreover, while we pride ourselves on delivering a seamless service from start to finish, we also prioritise the support of our community. This includes sponsoring the Kidderminster Harriers FC and the Worcestershire County CC.

What can you expect from us?

Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd is one of the only hard anodizing companies that offers such versatile services. Each individual on our team has at least 20 years’ worth of experience. Therefore, we have the expertise to meet all unique needs asked of us. Including larger projects that require an immediate, one-off plan of action that other anodisers wouldn’t adhere to.

Furthermore, our fast turnarounds, sometimes even 24 hours make us some of the most reliable metal finishers in the nation.

Our Results

Ultimately, anodising companies in the UK and afar strive to produce an immaculate outcome in every project they undertake. And at Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, there is no exception. Our quality assurance allows us to dominate our sector. Although we abide by all industry standards, our bespoke service allows us to fulfil our customers’ every need and desire.

With that in mind, we work closely with our customers, allowing them to review our processes throughout so that they’re completely satisfied with the progress. Customers can expect a new level of durability, strength and resistance in metal components. allowing for optimum performance in compatible applications.

This combined with our consistent improvement in our skill sets, including training and keeping on top of industry advancements, we are the first choice to some of the biggest names for our hard anodizing services.

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Our Promise

Hard anodising companies, such as ourselves, ensure that the team is fully trained and conversed with sector regulations. Every single member of our workforce undergoes consistent Company Quality Assurance Procedures to ensure they’re staying vigilant in company policy and maintaining the optimum quality of all products.

What should you do next?

If you’d like to find out more about our business and how we can assist you in impeccable surface treatments, get in touch with us today. Call us at +44 01562 544070 or via email at We will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have to ensure that we’re the right fit for you.

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