Chromate Conversion Coatings

Optimise Aluminium Assets with Chromate Conversion Coatings

Unleash Enhanced Durability and Performance in the Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Motorsport, and Defence Sectors with Alochrom 1200, Irridite and Surtec 650V.

Experience the transformative power of our chromate conversion coatings for aluminium. Trusted across sectors like Aerospace, Defence, Motorsport, Automotive, and Oil & Gas, our metal finishing services promise to uplift your aluminium parts’ performance, durability, and lifespan.

Understanding Conversion Coatings

Conversion coatings, also known as chromate conversion coatings, result from a unique chemical reaction that forms a strong, protective layer over aluminium surfaces. This innovative process guarantees that your aluminium components are equipped with superior corrosion resistance, ideal paint adhesion, and improved electrical conductivity.

Why Conversion Coatings are Crucial for Your Sector

  • Aerospace and Defence
    In industries where every micron matters, our conversion coatings’ thin profile ensures minimal build-up, preserving precision in high-tech applications. The added corrosion resistance safeguards against adverse conditions, while the process’s inherent flexibility permits bending without adhesive failure, vital for complex assemblies.
  • Automotive and Motorsport
    Superior paint adhesion offered by our conversion coatings enhances the aesthetic appeal and durability of vehicles. It also prevents under-film corrosion, crucial in these sectors for maintaining structural integrity and longevity. Our chromate coatings also improve electrical conductivity, a vital attribute for modern, electronics-rich vehicles.
  • Oil & Gas
    In this harsh environment, conversion coatings’ corrosion protection for aluminium is invaluable. Withstanding high pressures and humidity, our coatings offer protection even under severe conditions. Plus, easy renewability ensures continuous protection without the need for part replacement.

Chromate Conversion Coating Services

Alodine and Alacrom Treatments
We take pride in offering industry-leading Alochrom 1200, Irridite and Surtec 650V treatments. Renowned globally for exceptional corrosion protection, flawless paint adhesion, and superior electrical conductivity, these treatments amplify your aluminium components’ performance, ensuring operational efficiency and longevity.
The Process
Choose from immersion or brush application processes to attain top-quality results. Opt for Alacrom 1200 for a champagne hue.
A Solution for All Aluminium Alloys
Our services accommodate all aluminium alloys, even high-silicon pressure die-castings. Zinc and magnesium alloys also benefit from our services, especially in promoting excellent paint adhesion.

Let’s Talk

Discover the potential of your aluminium parts with our expert conversion coating services. In our commitment to quality, innovation, and results, we stand as your trusted partner in enhancing your sector’s aluminium applications. Ready to experience the transformative power of conversion coatings?


What is Surtec 650V?

Surtec 650V is a surface treatment solution that provides corrosion protection and enhances the adhesion of subsequent coatings. It is commonly used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

What is Alochrom 1200?
Alochrom 1200 is a chromate conversion coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance and improves the adhesion of paint or other coatings on aluminum surfaces.
What are the typical applications of Alochrom 1200?
Alochrom 1200 is widely used in the aerospace, electronics, and architectural industries. It is commonly applied to aluminum parts, such as aircraft components, electronic enclosures, and architectural extrusions.
How is Iridite NCP applied?
Iridite NCP is typically applied through a chemical immersion or spray process. The aluminum parts are cleaned, then immersed or sprayed with the Iridite NCP solution, which forms a thin, protective coating on the surface.
Can Iridite NCP be used on other metals besides aluminum?
While Iridite NCP is primarily designed for aluminum, it can also be used on other non-ferrous metals like magnesium and zinc for corrosion protection and enhanced adhesion. However, it is essential to verify its compatibility with the specific metal in question.

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