Summary. HASTL, a specialist anodising company, offers comprehensive hard and standard anodising services, ensuring quality, aesthetic, and durable coatings. Balancing affordability and superior protection, our hard anodising specialists cater to various applications, including providing optimal solutions for aluminium components and friction issues.

AT Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, although we focus on hard anodising, we offer standardised anodising procedures too. As a specialist anodising company, we pride ourselves on keeping our services as varied and comprehensive as possible. That’s why we still trust in the original anodising methods. Not only do they offer a simpler format for us, but we can then ensure our services stay accessible to all budgets too.

Benefits of Standard Anodising

Saves Time and Costs

Standard anodising requires a higher concentration of sulfuric acid and higher temperatures (closer to an ambient level), which results in a softer finish. This method saves on time and costs, making it a more affordable option for clients.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Standard anodising delivers aesthetically pleasing outcomes due to the impregnation of films with dye and anti-corrosion properties. Therefore, resulting in a visually appealing finish.

Provides Durability

Standard anodising creates a durable and long-lasting protective coating that enhances the material’s resistance to wear, tear, and corrosion. Also, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications.

Why We Specialise in Hard Anodising

Despite the higher cost associated with hard anodising, we at HASTL take the risk to fill a gap in the market, as we recognise its superior benefits.

Addresses Friction Issues

While standard anodising protects surfaces from water, atmospheric, and chemical corrosion, it does not address friction issues. Friction can cause a significant impact on component performance when metals come into contact with other metals, dirt, or other debris.

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Superior Protection

Hard anodising provides superior protection against corrosion, friction, and wear and tear. Consequently, making it an ideal option for components that experience high levels of stress.

Dielectric Strength

Hard anodising achieves a much higher dielectric strength, making it an excellent option for machines located in close proximity to electrical work.

Ideal for Aluminium

Hard anodising is particularly well-suited for aluminium components. A thick film of 50 microns is applied to prevent electricity from passing through the interior and causing damage.

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At HASTL, we offer both standard and hard anodising services to meet the needs of our clients. If you’re looking for a specialist anodising company, you’ve come to the right place. While we’re newly founded, our team is made up of expertly trained specialists that can assist you with your applications. There are several hard anodising specialists across the nation, but we are renowned for our consistency in quality; in both the product and our service.

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