At Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, we pride ourselves on continuously outsourcing the most effective raw materials and chemicals available on the market. This way, we can uphold our reputation as reliable anodisers that achieve immaculate results time and time again. From ammonia to sulphuric acid, our anodising services wouldn’t continue their consistent running if we didn’t stay efficient with our stock.

Through a robust quality system, we can identify expiry dates and what materials we are running low on. And by working closely with our suppliers, we can continue to prioritise the top quality services we strive for.

What raw materials do we use at HASTL?

Each of our services requires a variety of raw materials to ensure that we can produce the highest quality possible. For instance, volumes of sulphuric acid allow us to continue our speciality of hard anodising aluminium. If we run out of this material and our baths require a top-up, we’d have to reduce the temperature to still meet the needs of our customers.

Furthermore, ammonia is the main contributor to electroless nickel plating services. Additionally, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, and citric acid are the key components to the passivation of stainless steel.

How do we keep on top of our inventory?

To meet the demands of our customers, we must stay vigilant on our surface treatment material levels. In partnership with MacDermid Enthone, our chemical suppliers, we stay on top of numbers and expiration dates with ease. Not only do they supply us with our chemical reagents, but they have a system that allows a member of staff to visit us and log change rates of chemicals using their existing knowledge of our current inventory.

Once they have this list, they then create an outstanding order, followed by delivering all new materials the following day. This rapid system eliminates excessive amounts of chemicals in our possession. Therefore, allowing us to never come close to the sell-by dates.

What does this mean for our customers?

This level of attention and efficiency ensures that we provide our customers with the very best hard anodising services in the nation. If we were to utilise out-of-date chemicals and materials, we’d risk the longevity and performance of our metal finishing techniques. When we focus on hard anodising, for instance, diminished materials can result in chemical spotting or streaking.

By working with HASTL, you are guaranteed immaculacy in all surface treatments that we offer. We strive to provide high quality results, as well as a seamless service. And by staying on top of our surface treatment materials and chemical inventory, we avoid the risk of not meeting deadlines for our team and yours.

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