At Hard Anodising Surface Treatments Ltd, we do things differently. Our team is made up of several experts who all hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in large component hard anodising. This way, it doesn’t matter whom our clients meet with when approaching us. We are a hard anodising company that strives to deliver a seamless service from start to finish.

But, what can you expect from our metal finishing services? When it comes to treating aerospace and defence level components, for instance, it requires a much more comprehensive process. Additional one off services may be required, such as, FAIR (first article inspection reports) or the designing of a frozen process. In such cases it is typical for your people to observe our processes in situ.

What is our process?

As a leading hard anodising and electroless nickel plating company, we have mastered our methods. Therefore, giving our customers a reliable and transparent service that meets their exact requirements.

1.We will help you determine the right specifications for your components, so that they perform their desired function.

2. Then we will examine your technical drawings and estimate the labour and electrical energy required to treat. Any potential failure modes such as dimensional changes, burns, surface roughness tolerances etc will also be pointed out at the quotation stage.

We will do this through an initial consultation. During this consultation, usually via phone, we will ask you several questions about the results you desire, as well as learn your timelines, budget and any other details that we require to meet your project requirements. Once we have done this, we will put together a proposal of timings and prices, and give you a notion of what to expect.

3. Then, our hard anodising services are put into action. We endeavour to meet budgets, while also offering a fast turnaround on large component hard anodising. You will be met with optimally performing parts that are fit for purpose.

What challenges have we previously faced?

Customers often approach us requiring large component hard anodising that they can’t attain elsewhere. For instance, a previous client of ours required large plates anodised. Other hard anodising companies were unable to adhere to the extensive sizing, but we took on the project with confidence.

The company needed a large machine plate and, once anodised, would fit it onto a machine before adding further pieces to it. Anodising was essential for this machine part as it was going to come into contact with water regularly. Hard anodising services enable next-level corrosion resistance once undergone. Therefore, we completely optimised the large plate for its purpose.

What’s next?

Would you like to find out more about our hard anodising company? Our website offers details on how we’ve grown to become one of the most distinguished anodisers in Kidderminster. Whether your project requires a significant batch size or the part is complex, we never steer away from a challenge.

Using state-of-the-art equipment combined with our knowledge and expertise, we are confident that we can adhere to your requirements. Call us today on +44 01562 544032. No matter whom you speak to, they’ll be able to offer you the answers and guidance that you need for your large component hard anodising.

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